Why Online Legal Directories Are Important For A Law Firm


Why Online Legal Directories Are Important For A Law Firms: The “Law Firm Entrepreneur” explores the important features and benefits which can been gained by putting extra effort into listing a law firm’s website onto a prominent online legal directory.

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Why Lawyers Should List With Online Legal Directories

More and more people prefer to search online for law firms instead of using an actual hard copy phone book. According to recent research, about 33 million people have used online listings and legal business directories to find information about law firms and consultancy in the last two years and the numbers are on the rise.

This makes legal business directories an excellent and targeted source of obtaining qualified leads. There are several ways by which a legal business directory can help you promote your business. Such an online directory drives traffic to your website, increases your page ranking, as well as indexes your web pages, provides information about your services and most importantly direct contact information.

It is critical that you understand the marketing needs of your company and post your profile information in specialized online directories. It is also important to find a suitable category in other major search portals to increase your advertising exposure.

People now rely on the web to search for information that they used to access in books and other reading materials. The Internet provides convenient and fast access to information in just a single click of the mouse. As the online community grows, businesses also take advantage of the booming industry and formulate online marketing strategies instead of the old fashioned way of advertising. Online advertising has proven to be quite effective and is now considered a legitimate mainstream form of marketing.

Professionals such as Lawyers and businesses such as Law Firms post their services on the web to attract more clients. When attorneys and law firms have a website or have listings in these online directories, it gives most clients the perception that they have a reputable standing. Being listed in a trusted online directory also adds more panache to a law firm’s credibility.

Online legal directories are the way to search for lawyers now. Consumers can find exactly what they are looking for and more with the available search criteria. It is also advisable to check directory premium listings. It does not mean that free listings are not good enough, but businesses that list with premium or paid listings can put more emphasis on the services that they have to offer in their listings plus various other types of premium marketing features.

Factors to Consider When Searching for Legal Directories

1. The types of listings.

Listings are considered a source of valuable information. Internet users always try to search for the most reliable listings, with the most comprehensive and relevant information. The more listings a directory has generally the larger that directory is unless it is specific to a certain niche.

2. How listings are categorized and the number of categories.

Most online directories categorize their listings by location and areas of practice.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the strategies you can use for your site to improve the volume or quality of traffic. It will greatly benefit your site by ensuring that it will be listed within relevant search results. Ignoring this will result in no web presence at all for your website in the legal services that you are seeking to market.

3. The amount of traffic the directory generates.

Some online directories will offer premium features providing you with analytics of the amount of traffic visited to you law firms directory listing.

Otherwise the other way you can ascertain how much traffic you are getting from the directory is to set up your own google analytics for your website and see how many clicks come to your website from the directory listing.

4. The listing cost.

Many online business directories are free and offer certain paid premium features. Other directories are strictly paid directories. Before paying for a
listing on a paid directory you should research I the directory to see what other people think of it’s traffic and services. Do your homework on these online business directories because there are many out there with many different options and costs available.

List of Legal Directories

There are several online legal directories where you can add your firm’s profile. Here are some of the most popular ones:

– HG.org Legal Directory
With 850,000 unique visitors per month looking for legal help, HG.org is a fantastic tool to immediately jump start your online campaign. You can list your firm with free basic information or Premium listing. When registered with HG.org you can publish articles at no cost.

Consultwebs, a well know legal SEO company says “Directories such as HG.org allow us to manage our clients’ placements and the HG.org directory is frequently in the list of top 5 referrers”.

– Findlaw

Findlaw is a Thomas Reuters Business and offers paid listing. It is also one of the most popular sites for free legal information on the internet. It provides access to the latest legal news and information for consumers and legal professionals.

– Lawyers.com
Lawyers.com offers paid listings. It contains profiles of over 1 million lawyers and law firms worldwide; tips for consumers on how to select a lawyer; a discussion community covering many legal topics; consumer-oriented law area explanations, articles and links to legal resources, and a glossary of legal terms. Lawyers.com is a product of Martindale-Hubbell® from LexisNexis®.

Justia.com provides free information regarding case law, codes, regulations, legal articles, legal blogs and twitter databases to the online community. They also provide paid listings, premium web sites, blogging and online marketing strategies to law firms.

DMOZ is an open content human-edited directory on the web. It is constructed and maintained by a global community of volunteer editors, but owned by Netscape. It is free to submit a site to the directory, but it can take more than a year to get listed on DMOZ.

– Yahoo Directory
The Yahoo! Directory is organized by subject. Commercial site listing recommendations require a fee. There is a standard submission process, and an expedited process, called Yahoo! Directory Submit, which will review your request to be listed in the Directory and respond within seven business days, for a review fee of $299. If accepted there will be an annual fee of $299 to maintain the listing. Yahoo!’s directory is searchable separately from their search engine.

– Business.com
Business.com, a Dex One company, is a fee-based web directory and search engine for businesses. They also have pay per click, banner advertising, and audience retargeting.

List of Online Business Directories

Do not feel as though you are just restricted to the above online legal directories because there are hundreds if not thousands of online business directories out there that will gladly list your business for free on their online directory. In fact I would encourage you to get involved with some of the well know online business directories as they can often hold more weight with Google than the legal directories listed above. Just a few online business directories which you may consider listing your law firm on may include:


It is definitely worth taking the time to research what your competitors websites are listed on and follow suit if those directories listings appear to be ranking well in Google for them.



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