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Why use video to market your firm
Creating your video
Prepare for your video
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Show, don’t tell. It’s a classic rule of thumb for advertising. In the digital age, applying this old adage is easier than ever, thanks to the advent of Internet video. Video is eye-catching, dynamic, and hugely popular. It gives your clients a personal connection to you and your firm. It bolsters your business’ legitimacy, and it sets your website apart from other sites that are based solely in text.
Internet video has the potential to improve your presence on the Internet, as well as bring in new customers. It’s easy to produce, and cost-effective. Whatever you want to communicate to your potential clients, video offers you an eye-catching way to get your point across.
Why Use Video to Market Your Firm
Internet video has swiftly become an integral part of our digital culture. To the average Internet user, videos are just as much a means of communication as they are an advertising tool. Most laptops nowadays have a built-in webcam, and video chat is quickly becoming commonplace. People no longer are satisfied with just finding information quickly. They want to connect with the people who created it. Many people now watch television programs and streaming videos online, rather than over cable or network TV. Studies show that video advertising is twice as likely to get clicked as those with still images. Additionally, many search engines now index videos as part of their search results, meaning the potential for an increase in traffic to your website.
There are many different styles of video content that you can produce. It can be something as simple as an introductory welcome to your website. If you want to be in front of the camera yourself, you can talk to the viewer about your expertise. A satisfied client could describe their experience with your firm, and why they are happy with your services.
Creating Your Video
If you’ve decided that Internet video is the right choice for you, then there are many options open to you as far as production is concerned. If you’re looking to get the video made professionally, there are several companies that specialize in creating Internet video for marketing purposes. These companies will have all the equipment necessary to make your video look and sound professional. Many of these companies can also help you to write the script. A video made by a third-party will give your business that extra boost of credibility that is sure to impress your clientele.
On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, or would rather be your own production team, making videos on your own can be relatively simple. You will need:
A computer compatible video camera (such as one with a USB cord or removable memory card), or a very good quality webcam
A quiet, well-lit place to film
A script
Video editing software; and
External microphone (recommended)
Though the mention of editing software may seem intimidating, it’s actually the easiest part of the whole process. Most computers these days come with built-in video editing software, such as Windows Live Movie Maker, or iMovie. These programs are very easy to pick up, and make editing as easy as click-and-drag. They also allow you to add text, subtitles, and overlays to your video.
The filming itself can be the more challenging aspect. You want to make sure that your camera is steady and captures the subject matter at a flattering angle. You will need to be free of distractions and interruptions. You also don’t want to be picking up any background noise, such as co-workers or traffic.
While the Internet community is quite receptive when it comes to home-made video, it is important to remember that a poorly shot or edited video is much worse than having no video at all. If you are not comfortable with making your own videos, it is not recommended that you represent your business in this manner. It is also not a good idea to use a low-quality webcam, especially if it has an internal microphone. These kinds of videos are acceptable when it comes to sharing something with your friends, but it’s definitely not the image you want to present to your clients. The last thing you want is a video about your business becoming the next viral joke on YouTube
Preparing for your Video
By Greg Wildman – Online Video Concepts
Wardrobe: The most frequently asked question is “What to Wear”? Dress as you would when meeting with a client because the more relaxed and natural you are, the better you will appear on camera and people viewing your video will know what to expect at their first meeting. We recommend solid colors such as blue, as they look best on video. It is also recommended you bring a change of clothes to appear more casual in some of the shots.

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