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LAW FIRM ENTREPRENEUR ……we tend to focus on the business side of running a legal practice!

First and foremost the Law Firm Entrepreneur website has been set up to help lawyers start up their own law firms and provide them with all the information and resources that they need to attract large numbers of clients through online marketing.

It is no secret that times are tough economically and what this means for the legal industry in any major western society is that clients are doing more lawyer shopping and law firms are laying more lawyers off. In addition to this Universities are enrolling more law students than ever before and upon graduation these law students are scratching their heads wondering how it is even possible to get their foot in the door and land a job in a law firm. In effect the supply of law graduates far outweighs the demand and jobs available.

So what does this mean for the legal industry?

Well I have noticed that there are many types of lawyers out there who start up their own small or solo legal practice, but in particular and in recent times there appear to be 2 categories of lawyers who have sought to enter the small or solo legal practice field.

1. The highly experienced and knowledgeable lawyer:

Since the Global Financial Crisis we have seen partners and senior lawyers from middle to top tier law firms who have been made redundant or disposed of in some way and are seeking to start up their own small legal practices. These lawyers are generally very experienced and have all the knowledge to perform the technical legal work required for any matter that they work on. But moving towards starting their own small legal practice means that they need to know how to bring the clients into their new start up business. These lawyers can be some the best lawyers going around but that is not going to bring home the bacon $$$ if they do not have any clients or know how tom bring new matters into their new start up law firm.

2. The new inexperienced lawyer:

As mentioned, there are way too many law students graduating from law school compared to the number of junior or graduate lawyer jobs available. Often you will see that only the best of the best students will be able to obtain positions straight of of law school.

So what does this mean for the other law graduates?

Have they wasted their time in spending years at University studying for their law degree?

Well we would say what better time than now to get out there and start your own solo law firm. Sure you may be inexperienced and need to obtain an unrestricted practicing certificate but if you take the step now and make all the hard moves to create your own legal practice whilst learning along the way then 5 years from now you have the potential to have a well established law firm where you are the boss and earning a far better salary than if you were working for a more well established law firm.

Obviously in relation to the 2 above examples we are looking at the bigger picture and starting up a small or solo law practice is now a basic task. But the benefits that you could reap further down the line is well worth taking that step into becoming a Law Firm Entrepreneur!

How Can The Law Firm Entrepreneur Help You?

The Law Firm Entrepreneur will publish regular blog posts on tactics and strategies on increasing your law firm’s profitability, your client list, your business operations and also providing you with the best marketing campaigns going around.

Our aim is to make our site the number one resource that you will want to go to in order to better your law firm as a business.

All in good time we will make available concise courses for you to follow step by step to increase the profitability of your legal practice.

JOSHUA BOORMAN – Lawyer & Law Firm Entrepreneur

legal entrepreneurMy name is Joshua Boorman, I am the founder and editor in chief at Law Firm Entrepreneur.

I am a fully qualified lawyer admitted in Queensland in 2008. In 2011 I made the move from Gold Coast, Queensland to the big smoke of Sydney, New South Wales. I had only only 3 years experience as a lawyer when I moved to Sydney yet I needed to bring in clients to the new firm that I was working at and I needed to do this fast in order to prove my worth.

I had some experience in running drink driving, traffic and criminal matters in Queensland so I decided to put the skills that I have in internet marketing and online business towards creating a website aimed towards bringing in new clients who require legal representation for these types of criminal and traffic matters.

To start with my aim was to set up and market a small niche website for drink driving or DUI matters, one which would compete with the larger and more marketing aggressive law firms. To my surprise I had great results and as soon as my website got on the first page of Google for various potent keywords I immediately began obtaining new clients and making money. It is not like I was out there attempting to get new multi-national corporate clients in through my niche legal website, as I think this would be next to impossible considering that large multi-national corporations tend to only deal with large national and international top tier law firms. Instead the client market that I was aiming for was the more localized area where people who would not normally have the need for a lawyer would search the internet when an issue arose where they did require some sort of legal representation. Since my niche website ranked so well in Google and the other large search engines like Bing and Yahoo, I was able to compete with other law firms within the same area.

I went from coming down to Sydney (Australia’s largest City) and within the space of 6 to 12 months I was run off my feet with more work and experience that I could have ever imagined.

A question I get asked all the time is “how the hell did you get your legal website to compete with the larger law firms in Sydney when those firms spend so much money on advertising and marketing campaigns?”

The answer is pretty simple, for me I had been learning a whole range of internet marketing skills for quite sometime, purely as a hobby in setting up and running a number of interest blogs. Through learning these skills and working out what works and what doesn’t work, I was able to set up my own legal website and market it online with fantastic results. I was able to do this with the most minimal expenditure. Whilst I am sure many of the larger law firms are spending thousands possibly tens of thousands of dollars each month on advertising and internet marketing services I was able to do all of my own online marketing for around $30 per month. Obviously the main factor and point of difference was that I needed to expend a fair bit of my personal time outside of working hours to build my website, create fresh and unique content and then continuously maintain and market the website so that it continued to maintain strong search engine rankings.

Once I had my formula for building websites and marketing them online i was able to set up a number of different websites for different niche areas of law that I was competent in practicing in – basically I learnt what to do to bring clients in the door and then I simply up scaled that formula to apply it to more websites and more areas of law.


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Founder & Editor in Chief at Law Firm Entrepreneur
The Law Firm Entrepreneur aims to help solo lawyers and small law firms build successful businesses through a thriving online presence.